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Thursday, November 11, 2010



Assalamualaikum and hi all.. We are so sorry that we couldn't update anything new for last 2 months.. Massive workload and lack of time to manage.. T_T

Actually this post is only for announcing that we have rebranding our kedai name.. From Hyperforter Shawls to Shawl's Gallery.. Isn't it much easier to pronounce? hehe.. sorry.. bole pulak tukar2 name ye..

Actually Shawl's Gallery dah start operating since April or May this year, if i'm not mistaken, kat facebook.. sorry taw coz tak bagitahu awal2.. really that time tak sempat nak celoteh panjang2 macam ni..

And we are still reconstructing this blog.. Those blogshop yang ada email nak exchange link, sorry sgt2 tak sempat nak link lagi.. we are doing some minor changes on this part.. sabar ye.. naty saya link.. :)

And good news, we have some more updates very soon.. Please give me some more times to habiskan my exam tomorrow.. 12hb Nov.. hehe..

Ok lah, banyak pulak merepek.. Till then, papai..

--- Ain

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